About the Founder

Hi I am Jayaa Vinay Maloo from Kolkata,India.
I took up the challenge to make the tallest vegan and gluten-free cake in the world and successfully made it in June 2022. I was elated to receive this award from the first woman IPS officer in India and the Iron Lady herself, Ms. Kiran Bedi ji.
To take up the challenge of baking the world's tallest cake, the traditional and classic way would have been simpler. The cake would get the support of gluten, butter, and condensed milk to stand tall, but I had decided to go ahead and take up the challenge of a cake with dairy-free and gluten-free options. I had no clue how I would do that!
The challenge excited me, but soon excitement took turns with frustration and uncertainty. After a few rounds of failed attempts, I was thankfully able to troubleshoot my mistakes and get that perfect sponge. To be utterly frank with you, I jotted down all my baking failures and also the little progress I was attaining with every successive bake.
Summary: "There are five steps that ensure you get the perfect sponge every time, consistently. In these five steps, I talk about the typical attributes of gluten-free and dairy-free baking. What tweaks can we do to troubleshoot the differences and make you understand the science behind these tweaks so you can play with your existing recipes to convert them into vegan and gluten-free healthy delicacies?