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From baking dreamy cakes to crunchy baguettes to gooey cookies to flaky pies, I can promise all this vegan and gluten-free deliciousness, but with one condition: once you decide to make them, you will set aside some time for pre-preparation.

Read the full recipe bit by bit. Assemble all the ingredients first and go over the recipe-related notes section once again before starting.

That will not only ensure flawless vegan and gluten-free foods right from the first trial but also ensure consistent mouthwatering success every time!

Some of the delicious 100% vegan and gluten-free recipes you'll learn how to make.

Here's what you'll learn.


Thandai Dryfruit
Expresso Coffee

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Chocolate (2)
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There are a few "whys" you need to know.

Why did I decide to make the tallest vegan and gluten-free cake in the world -  and why the decision did not prove to be a piece of cake!

I did buy vegan and gluten-free cake recipes on the internet, but those failed to work. Know why?

Why did I develop this course when the market and Internet are swarming with recipes?

Why did I create this course, and why is it important?

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Let's take a look at what our students say after learning from our courses.

  • Since a long time I wanted to learn to make these cakes but dreaded the long trial and error process. Jaya has been kind and patient enough to share these recipes with us. They are bang on.”

    –Babita Saraogi
    (Home Maker)

  • “I really love her recipes. Very detailed and simple. She had made me learn the finer points of baking in her notes section. Keeping those in mind, I feel much more confident while baking."

    -Chandrani Dutta

  • “Not only was I happy for the cakes, but the vegan butter recipes were the cherry on top!”

    – Monica Saraf
    (Chartered Accountant)

  • “I am very new to baking, but I got my cakes perfect on the first try with the help of Jaya ma'am.”

    – Prachi Agarwal